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Solar PV Feed in Tariff

Save 1,000s by installing with us.

The government backed Feed in Tariff has transformed a home owner's decision to have solar power from a purely green environmental one into one that should be seen as the superb long-term financial investment it is.

  • Government Backed
    The Feed in Tariff is backed by the government and gives a guaranteed tax free income for 25 years.
  • Inflation Linked
    The scheme is index linked to inflation so every year the amount you receive will increase at the same rate as inflation.
  • All Income is Tax Free!
    You receive money for the power you generate even if you use it, so for example you will get paid for the power you use to boil your kettle or watch the TV.
  • Sell Excess Power
    Get an additional income by selling unused solar energy back to the national grid.

Solar Panels Get Prices

How Does The Feed in Tariff Work

During the day electricity is created by the solar panels. You are paid by your energy supplier for each unit of electricity you generate. You can use this generated electricity meaning you don’t have to import from the national grid.
When you don’t use the electricity you export it back to the grid. You are paid an export tariff for this. When you need additional power you simply import electricity from the grid as normal.

The income you receive from the Feed in Tariff is sent directly to you each quarter by your energy provider. This income is on top of the around 50% savings on your home electricity use you will get as a result of fitting a solar power system.

New Energy Efficiency Requirements


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